Front Suspension Mock Up

I am ready to move on to the front including but not limited to the I beam axle, leaf springs, steering, front brake conversion to disk, brake hoses, shocks, 12 spoke 18″ front wheels and tires etc.

I started by laying out the front axle center location based on a 112″ standard wheel base.  I temporarily hung the new front frame rails and then checked the leaf spring layout and mounting points.  The spring hangers will need some fabrication work but it looks like it will all fit.

I was planning to add the frame rails using fish plates and butt welds but I am considering installing the new rails under the existing frame with about a 12″ overlap.  This should provide enough welding area for a strong connection and it will also raise the front end for that old school gasser look.  I will leave the new frame rails long until I have the engine and radiator mount locations identified and I might leave some rail out front for the Moon Gas Tank and tow bar mounts to add to the look

I will also need to fabricate front disk brake caliber mounts and use 1980 Pontiac Firebird rotors and calibers and a 1969 Corvette master cylinder.  The brake caliber mounts will be made from 1/2″ solid bar stock and tabs to tie into the old drum brake backing plate mounts on the spindle.

This what the mock up looks like as a first pass.  Once I have confirmed that the brake rotors will mount up and that original hub will fit I will start a search for the wheels and tires.  The front wheel and tires that I would like to use are the Radir 12 spokes but they are spindle mounts and I will need to find a 5X 4 3/4 bolt pattern that is not to wide to keep the front tire skinny.

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