Front Disk Brakes

After removing the drum brakes and backing plate I did some searching around and although there is not a kit for converting the front axles to disks for the 1966 Chevy Vans I was able to find some rotors and calipers from a 1980 Pontiac Firebird that fit the hubs without any modifications and it looks like I should be able to fabricate the caliper mounts using a set from Speedway Motors for the 7″ center to center bolts on the caliper with matching 7/16X20 thread pattern.

Zoomed In Image

The caliper mounts will bolt inside the calipers using the slide pins that will bolt to the mounts and should provide areas to weld attachment steel to the spindle.  I will tack weld it all together and take to my welder, Ron White, for finish tig welds or I may have him bring his portable mig rig to my garage and finish weld the front frame extensions and front leaf spring mounts

I will need to find the right clocking and spacing for the calipers and double check clearances for steering arms and tie rods etc before I commit to any welding.  My idea is to use the Speedway Motor caliber mounts as a starting point and fabricate solid mounts to the spindle using 1/2″ bar stock and 3/16″ plates for ties to the 4 points on the spindle where the drum brake backing plates and steering arms attached.

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