Engine Sheet Metal Parts


I removed the oil pan, intake manifold,, valley cover, pullies, fan, balancer, valve covers and any other parts that were removable from the block and heads.  I had the parts blasted and then cleaned and primed them with VHT engine primer.

For a little contrast I painted the fan, pullies etc on the front of the engine red although my camera and the lighting make the parts appear orange. 

I prepared the block and heads using a combination of a small media blaster, Evapo-Rust Gel and wire wheels, grinder and small belt sander to remove all remaining rust, paint, and casting flash.

I primered the block after cleaning up the rust and casting flash

For the heads I will need to media blast with Tractor Supply Black Diamond


When the block and heads are ready I will install all the the primed sheet metal parts and the cast intake and timing chain cover with water pump and fuel pump and the coolent cross over and thermostat and housing.

I can then hang the front dress and starter then prime the block and paint the block VHT Buick Green.



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