A 425 for the gasser

I was able to pick up a 425 with dual 4’s in California from a wrecked 65 Buick Riviera that the owner said was running when the car was hit in the rear. I have it in the back of my pickup and will drop it into the Gasser frame with a transmission and then prep it for a test run by pulling the plugs, lubing the cylinders with Marvel Mystery Oil, turn it over by hand and letting it sit a few days.

I can then set the rough timing by finding top dead center of cylinder #1 and checking the timing mark on the harmonic balancer.

425 Motor on the hook

Engine Motor Mounts

The 425 needs different mounts to match the already existing frame mounts that were used for the engine that is in the machine shop. I ordered a new set of mounts from Speedway Motors that include the block mount bracket and hard rubber briskets and hardware.

Image 1 - Buick Nailhead Engine motor adapter mounts 364-401-425 1957-1966 hot rod vintage

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