Adding the final details

With good compression and oil pressure I replaced the oil pump primer rod with the distributor and turned the engine over with the breaker bar to zero degrees on the harmonic balancer and checked cylinder #1 for top dead center, I checked that #1 was on the compression stroke by checking the valves on #1 to make sure both valves were closed. With the distributor in and the cap off I check the rotor and marked the cap 1 to 8 based on #1 at TDC on compression and ran the plug wires to the plugs following the firing order.

I wired + 12VDC from run terminal on the ignition to the coil and distributor for power and hooked up my timing light to another battery .

With compression, timing, ignition and fuel in the Carburetor (checked the accelerator pump squirters too. It should start if I wired the plugs correctly

Ignition System installed, Plug Wringing, Coil, Distributor

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