Rear End Mock up 2

I was missing some of the hardware needed to do a rear end mock up but Speedway came through and exchanged one of the sliders for me ( Thanks Derick ) and despite still missing the wheels I was able to get a better idea where of where the rear axle center line and leaf spring mounts fall on the frame.  Not sure that I like the angle of the spring as it is now and I will need to think about how the angle of the spring will effect the action, ride and launch of the gasser.   I might see what moving the mount will do to level the spring and how it might effect overall stance and how the axle will move thru its range of arc.  I cut off the old spring perches from the axle that were below and too far out so I will grind off all of the old weld and clean up the top of the axle for the new mounts that I can tack weld on when I get everything where I want it and have the pinion angle close.


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