Final Rear End Mock Up

After a couple of options to mount the rear end and suspension I decided to go back to the original factory mounting and  to revert to a shackle instead of the slider to keep it more in line with the original function and appearance.  Using the frame rails as the mounting points for the front and rear leaf spring mounts keeps the spacing and angles the same as they would have been with original rear end.

I ordered the parts from Speedway and as soon as the wheels that I ordered on October 17th show up I will mark the final location of the leaf spring mounts and and spring locations on the axle and remove everything to clean up the parts for welding.  When I get everything back together after clean up I will need to put some weigh on the rear end to get the final mounting points right and the pinion angle dialed in and spot weld the mounts and axle while the weight is still on the chassis .


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