Rear End Housing Prep

After removing the axles and pumpkin and cleaning out the old lube from the rear end housing I make some covers for the opening in preparation of sand blasting to keep the sand out of the housing and took the housing to Kiwi Sandblasting in Phoenix.  The sand blasted housing was ready in one day.

2018-12-14 12.22.43


I took the axles down to the local NAPA machine shop and Bill pressed out the old wheel studs and installed the new ones I got on ebay into the axles so that I can finally install the wheels and tires.

2018-12-14 12.22.51


I needed to weld on the rear end housing to install the leaf spring pads, ladder bar mounts and the disk brake caliber mounts.  All of the items will be close to the axles on the housing so I used weld through primer on the 10 inches closest to the end and primed the rest of the housing with chassis black primer from Eastwood.





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