Rear Disk Brake Kit

I ordered this complete disk brake kit from Speedway Motors.  Keeping the rear drum brakes are not an option for the 9.3 rear ends, drums are not available and I had planned to upgrade the brakes in any case.  The hat will bolt to the axles and move the rotor inside the rear axle mounting hardware and the brackets will weld to the housing after mounting and aligning the calipers over the rotors.  Calipers are common GM 1978-1988 GM one piston units & the rotors are 8.75 inch GM.  I hope that there will be room to mount the spring perch brackets without having to move the frame mounts inside the frame rails and still leave room for the weld on ladder bar mounts.

I have not done any welding yet on the rear end housing because I wanted to make sure that I had all of the components first so that I can tack every thing once and bring in a real welder to finish it up.  I have a new welder that will do 250 amps MIG but for critical items like suspension I don’t want to experiment with welder settings until I have a feel for the new unit.


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