Engine Analyzer Upgrade 2.0

After I obtained the barn find engine analyzer I started looking around and I found a cherry Sun 1115 Engine Analyzer on auction from the Tuscon Unified School District and won the auction for $137 plus tax.  The unit include all probes and sensors, manuals and operational instructions, and it cleaned up really nice and fired right up when I got it to DaCave. The Sun 1115 includes a hydrocarbon analyzer, a cylinder leak down tester and a adjustable timing light that can be advanced or retarded at the light to check the distributor  advance curve vs RPM and plot it on the scope.  I did have to go to Tuscon to pick it up but a hot rod road trip is part of the hobby.

I also built a new clock for the outside of the garage area

2019-05-07 13.04.07

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