Summer break time

The Arizona summer is on its way and that means 115+ temps, lows in the 90’s and then the monsoon season comes with blinding sand storms and rains of 2-4″ in a few hours.

This a good time to get out of town so its off to the northwest for a few months to get my GTO ready for the Wednesday night cruise in at Portland International Raceway!

2018-08-22 16.00.44

2018-08-22 15.59.47

Part of the preparations for a Arizona summer means putting everything on the garage extension away inside the garage and getting the Chevelle up on the lift for the summer with the BBQ underneath and moving the Gasser project in side the air conditioned garage for a little rest.

I will pick up the project in the fall and see if I can get the front end completed and the chassis rolling and ready for the engine and transmission mock up and install

Body is back on the frame and in the garage for the summer

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