Engine Mock up

Before finishing the frame with welding, metal finish, primer and paint I want to get most of the additional welding done so I can media blast with the body off.  The items that need to be welded to the frame include the engine and transmission mounts, the front axle and leaf spring mounts, the radiator, the ladder bar front mounts, the battery box, the fuel line and brake line tabs and what every I have missed that needs attention before the frame is painted.

I have turned over the engine with the starter and changed the oil and filter and primed the oil system before I checked the compression ratio of each cylinder after I pre-lubed the bores with marvel mystery oil.

While I am rebuilding the AFB carburetor so I can test start the engine in the frame I will complete the welding and frame clean up.

I removed the factory exhaust manifolds and with the engine hoist I positioned the engine in the frame rails, leveled the carburetor mount with a jack under the transmission mount and checked the motor mounts to the frame.  A few modifications to the frame and adding a few gussets will be needed for the motor mounts but the good news is that it all fits and sits right in the frame.


Even better the fender well headers look like they are going to fit perfectly.

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