Frame rail extensions

The front section of the 1937 TCI frame was cut off when I sold the old front end that was a street rod dual A arm coil over set up so I needed to add back  to the frame so that I could mock up the front end axle assembly and install the motor mounts and transmission mounts and work out the steering and radiator mounts and then check the front fender, hood and grill fitment.

I rolled out the body on the frame and set up the 2’X3″X 1/4″ frame extensions that are about 6′  long below the existing frame (with a 6 1/2″ ” overlap so I would have plenty of area for the fish plate reinforcements).  The extensions are longer than will be needed so that I have plenty of room for engine and radiator etc. before I finish the front frame rail addition.  I mounted the new frame extensions under the existing frame to get the front end lifted up for that classic old school Gasser look.

I ground and sanded the frame stub pieces, cleaned them with lacquer thinner and sprayed them with weld through copper primer.  I repeated the process on the ends of the extensions.

I aligned the extensions with the existing frame stubs, supported them and temporarily used the fish plates and clamps to hold the extensions while I tack welded the extensions in place

With front of the frame in place and measured for square and level I finish welded the extensions the entire length of the overlap and ground the welds, checked for missing welds and filled in any and reground.

I fabricated some angle iron pieces to reinforce the extensions and close off the openings in the new and old frame sections. 6″X6X3/16″” fish plates were installed on both side of the extensions and the welds were ground and inspected and spot rewedded as needed.

I primed and painted the new frame extensions chassis black.


The front axle was mocked up using the original 1937 ford wheelbase of 112″ and I fabricated the rear leaf spring mounts and installed the rear of the leaf springs and remeasured for square, level and the wheelbase.  I replaced the rubber bushings and installed new grade 8 hardware and set the shackles up with the engine weight on the chassis.

With the axle and wheels in place I was able to get an idea of what the stance would look like before I installed the motor and transmission so I could make any needed changes.


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