Front Axle prep for install

I worked out the front disk brake issues and finish welding and shimming to make the caliper mount correctly with equal spacing to the rotor.


I added some additional plating over the mounting tabs that mount the caliper to the steering knuckle because I wasn’t sure if the butt weld to the bar stock would be strong enough.


I ground down all of the welds and filled any missed spots with welds and the primed and painted the mounting bar stock.

I checked to make sure that the mounted caliper was in the middle of the rotor and then I checked and shimmed the caliper mounts to make it parallel to the rotor and equally spaced top and bottom.

I painted the caliper with a thin and then heavy second coat of red POR15 high temp caliper paint.


Final assembly of the caliper mounting hardware.

I installed the 1″ spacers to the hub and then the wheels with tires installed to make sure nothing interferes or hits.


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