Engine and Trans Prep

I am waiting on a rebuilt AFB carb so I am going to put some time into prepping the motor and Transmission to get them out of the way to finish the welding on the frame and prep it for primer and paint.

I am going to pull the motor and trans and take the TH 400 with switch pitch torque converter to be rebuilt at a shop with a dyno.

While I have the engine out I am going to detail the engine starting with the headers that will be modified with a 3″ elbow and flange before it goes to ceramic coating.  I will mount the engine on a stand and grind, and clean to remove casting flash and prep for new water pump, polished valve covers chrome oil pan etc.  I will pull the intake and prep it as well and get a new valley finned cover. I will prime and paint the engine with correct Buick green paint

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