Rolling Chassis prep

With the front suspension mounted I checked the motor for clearance of the headers and tack welded the motor mounts in place and mounted the radiator with  bolt in fabrication to the 2’X2″ cross member for the suspension.

2020-02-26 11.14.282020-02-26 11.14.342020-02-26 11.14.422020-02-26 11.21.06


Next Chassis Steps:  Mock up steering and set tow in.  Remove body for access to the entire frame.  Measure frame and chassis components for square, wheel base and rough alignment  Measure and order drive shaft.  Install rear gas tank. Drain transmission and change filter.  Run transmission cooler lines to radiator. Fill transmission and rear end.  Design line hanger system for brake and gas lines and rear mount battery.  Install distributor, new plugs and plug wires, mount coil. Find cylinder 1 top dead center and set rough timing.  Check firing order and wire temp power to distributor.  Install rebuild AFB carburetor.  Check transmission in neutral and test fire motor, set timing and carb idle, accelerator,, fuel bowl  etc.   Soda Blast frame, motor, transmission suspension etc, prime and paint frame.  Take the summer off when it get hot in the valley of the sun.

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