Front Suspension Installation

With the engine and transmission installed in the frame and the mounts tack welded I can use the weight of the drive line to set up the front suspension and steering.  The frame narrows as it moves forward and is too narrow to mount the front leaf spring mounts directly to the frame so I am going to use a 2″ rectangular bar to mount the front mounts.

I am going to use a set of sliders at the rear of the leaf spring that I had laying around instead of a shackle setup.

After I had the front suspension ready to install I measured one more time to get the wheel base set at 112″ and hung one of the front fenders to see if the wheels and tires looked right in the wheel well and with everything in place and checked

I clamped everything in place and ready for tack welding.

When I have the tack welding in place on the suspension and motor mounts I am going to lift the body off the frame so that I can have access to to the frame and factory mount points so that I can double check to make sure that the front and rear are square and that the front are rear are centered along with the motor and transmission.

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