Start Up Prep and Detils

With the starter and compression checks completed its time to get ready to start the 401ci Nailhead Motor

  1. Check timing mark on balancer by finding top dead center of cylinder #1
  2. With the motor at TDC on the compression stroke install the distributor and spark plugs.
  3. Point rotor to where #1 will be on cap
  4. Label distributor cap 1 to 8
  5. Set initial advance to 25-30 degrees
  6. Install spark plugs, and plug wires to the correct cylinders
  7. Install wiring for ignition power to distributor and coil
  8. Install new fuel pump, carburetor , fuel lines etc. and test pump with starter
  9. Install radiator, thermostat and hoses to motor and fill with coolant
  10. Install exhaust headers
  11. Hook up timing light, vacuum gauge
  12. A little starter fluid and see if it will start or a least try

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